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Eleanor - One month, Two months

Seeing as Eleanor's first month was pretty much dominated by hospital and doctor events (and seeing as life is a little too chaotic with two kids to take timely pictures and write timely blog posts), we're just going to shamelessly combine her one month and two month update into one post.

Eleanor, you are settling into your own little personality! Your brother was a pretty easy baby. I remember thinking, at the time, that Sam must be the easiest baby in the world, an that we were so lucky. Well, you, my dear, are proving to be perhaps even easier than he was, at least in some ways. Sam hated being put down. You are quite content being set into a seat or swing. Sam needed to be rocked and nursed to sleep, and he often woke up in the transition from arms to bassinet/crib. You, on the other hand, are a champion sleeper. After the first week and a half of your life, when you hated being on your back (presumably because your poor belly was uncomfortable!), and after a couple weeks …
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Eleanor's surgery story

When Eleanor was born, I was totally shocked that we'd had a girl, since I'd been convinced we were having a boy. As I was processing the happy news of our little girl, I had a strange thought: "Hm. Since it's a girl, she can't have hypospadias like Sam did, so yay for not having to worry about surgery in the first year of this new baby's life!" I'm pretty sure I said this out loud to Matt. I'm pretty sure I jinxed everything.

Eleanor and I came home from the hospital on Saturday, December 31, just in time for New Year's. All was well. In her first few days home, she didn't so much love sleeping at night - hated being on her back, and was awake every 45 minutes or so, which meant a lot of bleary-eyed days for us parents, and at least a couple nights of sitting up with her and sleeping on the couch. But other than that, all was normal. We went in for a weight check on Monday, January 2, and she had gained a great amount of weight, and the n…

Eleanor's birth story

Because Owlet's c-section was a scheduled one, and because it was scheduled for December 27, the only way that I was going to spend Christmas with my family was if they all came here, which they did. My mom came in time for Christmas Eve, and then everybody else came in Christmas Day or the 26th.

Christmas Eve was a lazy morning of breakfast out (per tradition), and then gearing up for three evening worship services. After the first of those three services, both of my legs blew up like balloons. It hit me, then and there, that despite all of my anxiety about the c-section procedure, I was so very ready to be done with this pregnancy. I was tired. My legs were puffy. I had crazy heartburn. I'd slept on the couch more nights than in my bed over the last couple weeks because I couldn't get comfortable.

I drank lots of water the rest of the evening, and came home between services to put on pj's and put my feet up. I committed myself to sit through worship except when I ab…

Announcing our little lady!

It's been a heck of a week and a half, so apologies for the tardiness of this post! Here are some pictures for you.

Enjoy the pictures for now. There's a lot more to the story! Still to come are a write-up of Eleanor's birth story (boring for her, a little more exciting for me), and then an account of the last couple days, which have found us up at Mayo Clinic with a sick baby needing emergency surgery at a tender nine days old. We're still going to be in the hospital a couple days, so I will work on getting some updates posted here, but for now, just know that Eleanor is stable and recovering, and we are all holding steady. :)

38w6d: What it's really like to be pregnant in Advent

I'm a pastor and therefore surrounded by church people all the time. People who flow along with the liturgical seasons as we move from church festival to church festival in the cycle of each year.

December marks the season of Advent, a season of watching and waiting for Christmas. There are distinct themes of pregnancy during Advent, and themes of waiting. We count down the days until Christ's birth. We picture pregnant Mary visiting with pregnant Elizabeth.

Which, of course, means that I am surrounded by thoughtful, insightful people who make the connection between the season and my current very-pregnant status. It is lovely. They all want to know what it is like to be pregnant during Advent, and they want to hear about what it is like for me, spiritually. And let me tell you. I want to find some deep meaning and connection between my pregnancy and the Advent/Christmas season. I want to feel like expectant Mary, and I want to feel deeply the expectations of a world needing t…